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Azara Five Drawer Chest Caramelized - DIGS
Azara Five Drawer Chest
Asher V2 Solid Wood 3-Drawer Dresser - DIGS
Asher V2 Solid Wood 3-Drawer Dresser
Graphic Trees Dresser, Long - DIGS
Graphic Trees Dresser, Long
Graphic Hummingbird Dresser, Long - DIGS
Graphic Hummingbird Dresser, Long
Graphic Dandelion Dresser, Tall - DIGS
Graphic Dandelion Dresser, Tall
Graphic Trees Dresser, Tall - DIGS
Graphic Trees Dresser, Tall
636 Weekend 6 Drawer Chest - DIGS
636 Weekend 6 Drawer Chest
007 Atlantico Tall Chest - DIGS
007 Atlantico Tall Chest
Wood Stripe Dresser, Tall
Wood Stripe Dresser, Tall
Wood Stripe Dresser, Long
Wood Stripe Dresser, Long
Graphic Dandelion Dresser, Long
Graphic Dandelion Dresser, Long

Just because dressers and chests typically function as a means of storing clothing items and accessories, doesn’t mean that this piece of furniture can’t also be eye-catching. As one of the staple items to appear in pretty much every bedroom, it’s easy to find dressers for sale online that will furnish your space beautifully and practically. Shop premium dressers today or continue reading below to learn more.  

Different types of dressers and chests: A guide

As one of the most important elements of your bedroom, it’s essential that you choose a model that fits your space and serves your organizational needs. While dressers and chests function in a similar way, each item is a different piece of bedroom or living room furniture. Dressers are usually wide and short, offering space for the user to dress in front of and often accompanied by a mirror for design. On the other hand, a chest is narrow and tall, providing maximum storage while conserving floor space.  

Listed below are the different types of dressers:

  • Horizontal Dresser: Also known as the standard dresser, a horizontal dresser consists of two to three rows or long, wide drawers and features plenty of tabletop space for display. 
  • Double Dresser: These types of dressers are wider and made up of double columns. Featuring spacious drawers, this wardrobe space-saver is ideal for couples sharing a small room. 
  • Combo Dresser: As the name suggests, combo dressers look like a standard dresser with one or two cabinets attached. This makes it easy to organize clothes in different-sized drawers and shelves. We also recommend this type of dresser for storing bulky, seasonal items such as scarves, bags, hats, belts, and shoes. 

  • All of the above types of dressers offer a mid-century modern look, which is a very desirable trend in bedroom decor. While a wide variety of materials can be used, wood dressers are among the most common, with many options that feature natural woods like walnut and cherry. You can also purchase colorful dressers that have been finished with paint. 

    Listed below are the different types of chests: 

      • Vertical Chest: Also known as a standard chest of drawers, vertical chests are tall and narrow storage furniture. Whether you have a small bedroom space or you prefer the vertical look, this chest is a great clothing storage option. 
      • Lingerie Chest: Taller and skinnier than the vertical chest, this type of chest is used for small articles of clothing such as lingerie, pajamas, underwear, and socks. Many people also choose to use this chest for items like jewelry and makeup. 
  • Gentleman’s Chest: Featuring a tall cabinet section that can be used for hanging suits, jackets, and dress pants, this chest features drawers and narrow doors for easy access.
  • Bachelor’s Chest: Small and narrow with about three to four drawers, this chest is perfect for a single person with limited clothing storage needs. 
  • Media Chest: As a common piece of living room furniture, the media chest is similar to a dresser but features an open top shelf. While these items also work well in a bedroom, due to their size and low height, most people use them in other living spaces for storage and decoration. 

  • Where should you put your new dresser? 

     As mentioned above, the best place to put a mid-century modern dresser is in the bedroom. However, as far as placement, we recommend situating your furniture piece next to the bed, across from the bed, in the corner of the room, or at the foot of the bed. In special cases, you may even place a dresser in front of a small window. These spots are ideal for showcasing the dresser while complementing accessibility. 

    While dressers are typically found in bedrooms, they also work as living room furniture. Fill the drawers with things you use like books, movies, toys, board games, and electronics, and fall in love with all of the extra storage space.

    Where to buy dressers near me?

    Style and functionality are just one click away! If you’re looking to shop premium dressers with mid-century modern quality, Digs Showroom is your online ticket to a wide selection of wood dresser styles! From traditional designs to contemporary wooden finds like a walnut dresser or cherry dresser, our wonderful selection is bound to feature the perfect piece for every living space. We’ve even got a huge variety of chests for those who prefer the look and style of these storage units. Sort our collection by brand or price to ensure your new find meets all of your desired requirements.