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Sectional Sofas for Sale in Seattle

Sectional sofas are the furniture of choice for growing families that value unlimited amounts of comfort and style. These sofas are a great choice for those who entertain often or are tired of hearing the kids argue over the lack of space on your current couch. The sofas are often an extended version of a regular couch or loveseat then combined with a chaise lounge.

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Large Modern Sectional Sofas - Configurations

Because of their larger footprint, interior design experts say that modern sectional sofas are not an ideal candidate for very small spaces like studies but are ideal modern living room furniture. Especially, if homeowners or renters are looking for a couch that can help break up an open concept living room space. In fact, with open concept living rooms, this furniture can help create a cozy nook in the room; ideal for those who love binge watching the latest hot Netflix show.

Some of the most popular configurations for modern sectional sofas are:

  • U-Shaped - the best sectional for those who want to create a hub for conversation as the two sides face each other. Pair it with an Ottoman and everybody on the sofa will have a comfortable spot to stretch out and relax.
  • Right or Left Arm Facing - the right or left arm facing sectionals are exactly how they sound; the right hand side is longer on the right arm facing sectionals and the left hand side juts out for left arm facing sectionals. These are best for situating parallel to a wall’s corner or
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  • Chaise - Mid Century Modern sectionals often come with a chaise as the chaise lounge addition helps accentuate the sleekness of Mid-Century Modern interior design.
  • Modular - Modular sectionals are the ultimate answer to those who demand to have it their way. Modern modular sectional sofas deftly use ottoman-like extensions which can easily be moved as the need occurs.
  • Curved - The curved sectional is an old trend that has been having a resurgence thanks to top interior designers. These are the epitome of retro-vintage design often coming in vibrant colors and soft and plush fabrics. If you demand furniture with personality and creativity, the curved sectional sofa might be right for you.
  • Take a look at the sectionals available for sale today and find the right modern sectional sofa for your home at Digs Furniture Seattle.

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    Circuit Modular 3-pc Sectional
    • $2,965.00
    Mix Modular Sectional 5-pc
    • From $5,265.00
    Logan Bi-Sectional
    • $3,625.00
    Mix Modular 4-Pc Wedge Sectional
    • From $4,255.00
    Circuit Modular 5-pc Sectional
    • $5,220.00
    Circuit Modular 4-pc Sectional
    • $4,040.00
    Silverlake U-Shaped Sectional
    • $9,180.00
    Silverlake XL Sectional
    • $6,885.00
    Silverlake Sectional
    • $4,590.00
    Jane 2 Bi-Sectional
    • $3,550.00
    Jane 2 Loft Bi-Sectional
    • $3,495.00
    Mix Modular Sectional 4-pc
    • From $4,235.00
    Mix Modular Sectional 3-pc
    • From $3,160.00
    Adelaide Bi-Sectional
    • $3,625.00
    Atwood Bi-Sectional
    • $3,515.00