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Modern Table Lamps for Sale

The plight of the modern table lamp has left it to become one of the most overlooked furnishings in the home. Yet, buying the wrong table lamp means having to deal with a potential eye sore that sticks out compared to the rest of your elegantly designed home. A foundational piece of living room home furnishings, home office furnishings, or bedroom furnishings, these are some of the key decisions that buyers must make when shopping for a modern table lamp.

Read More Our range of mid-century modern table lamps go above and beyond in terms of design. Featuring designs by Jonathan Adler, such as his best-selling Utopia Elephant Lamp, and the popular Stacked Table Lamp by Adesso, you’re sure to find something to suit your own unique taste and style. Shop our range of mid-century modern table lamps now and try to resist.


Table Lamp Size

Whether you are looking for a floor lamp, table lamp, or another lamp, you should always ensure that the base of the lamp is equal to your eye level when you are sitting. Exceeding that measure can lead to the table lamp feeling unwieldy in the room, domineering over the person sitting in the nearby seat. To find the optimal shade size, take the lamp’s body size measurement and divide it by three. For example, if the lamp body is 9 inches tall, your shade should be 3 inches in height.

Table Lamp Styles As with many types of furniture, table lamp styles range from classic traditional to modern edgy industrial styles. Some of the most popular include:

Traditional — Common Types include:

  • Classic Spindle
  • Tiffany Lamps
  • Vase Lamps
  • Mid-Century Modern Table Lamps — Common Types include:

  • Tri-legged
  • Droplet table lamp
  • Wood and Brass
  • Contemporary — Common Types include:

  • Polished Metal
  • Floating Square
  • Multi-purpose
  • Industrial — Common Types include:

  • Exposed Edison bulb
  • Metal Gear Base
  • Arched
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    JWDA Table Lamp
    • From $249.95
    Illusion Table Lamp
    • $150.00
    Celebrity Table Lamp
    • $149.00
    Fatboy Edison the Petit
    • $89.00
    Holiday Table Lamp
    • $149.00
    Stacked Table Lamp
    • $179.00
    Avenue Table Lamp
    • $199.00
    Katie Table Lamp
    • $149.99
    Daniel Table Lamp
    • $149.99
    Reactive Glaze Table Lamp
    • $159.99
    Rhythm Table Lamp
    • $179.00
    Ribbon Table Lamp
    • $225.00
    Hollywood Table Lamp
    • $195.00
    Halo Table Lamp
    • $229.00
    Mocha Table Lamp
    • $199.00
    Audrey Table Lamp
    • $149.00
    Stem Table Lamp
    • $149.00
    Saturn Table Lamp
    • $399.00
    Double Table Lamp
    • $179.00
    Director Table Lamp
    • $125.00
    226 Autoban Tulip Lamp
    • From $1,375.00